Stop Dieting.
Build a Lifestyle You Love.

Learn the principles of long-term wellness with friends and a Coach at your side.

A Fundamentally New Approach to Wellness

With our science-based approach to wellness, we’ve helped thousands of people come to understand, care for, and love their bodies.

All Included

Personal Accountability Coaching

Work with a walking, talking mentor who can help you stay accountable for your goals and help you move toward progress.

Resource Library and Bite-Sized Lesson

Learn the principles of healthy living on your schedule. Quit the confusion and embrace a solid foundation of wellness knowledge.

30 Meals of Complete™ Protein Blend

During your GetFit21 Challenge, you’ll receive access to Complete™, an industry-leading meal replacement. Think of it as 30 perfect breakfasts you don’t have to prepare.

Workout Programs for All Levels

You’re welcome to pursue ANY exercise program you’d like during your 21 days. But if you’re looking to challenge and strengthen your body, try our bodyweight HIIT guided programs located in the app.

Thousands of Lives Changed

Over 20,000 GetFit21 Challenges have been completed, and thousands of lives have been changed. Click through the transformations below to hear what our Challengers say about GetFit21.

Your New Foundation

No more calorie counting or restrictive meal plans. Enjoy three wholesome meals each day and learn to enjoy real, delicious food.
Build a habit of exercising 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Choose your own exercise program, or—if you want to challenge and strengthen your body—try one of our HIIT home workouts included with the program.
Mentoring for your mind and body. With the help of your Coach and team, you can overcome the diet mentality and embrace a lifestyle of permanent progress.


By working with a certified GetFit21 Coach, you’ll have a friend on your side—someone who understands the process of creating new habits and can cheer you along to victory.


You and your team are all striving for the same goal: to improve your lifestyle and change your life. Your team will give you judgment-free encouragement to keep going when you fall down and support when you succeed.

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Coaching, resources, and meal replacement – all for $89

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