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i just finished the getfit21 challenge and lost 17lbs. I learned alot about the importance of nutrition and dieting the right way. aside from losing the weight ,I feel more energetic .
Frankie Eddie
I truly do Love � GetFit21!!! I have always been a woman that likes healthy lifestyle... clean eating, exercise, tone up and have the occasional fatty juicy food. My 20s and 30s was easy and I was in control of my body. The 40s has been something else... harder to loose no matter the diets and I needed to put more exercise with less results, Sooooo discouraging! But with GetFit21 and 3 challenges done, I’ve lost fat, gained muscle and dropped dress sizes ��. Plus it’s Fun, Healthy and very Supportive. 4-4-12 is a perfect approach, Complete shakes are delicious meals. Thanks Soooooo So Much to my coach Jennifer L. Armendariz for the support & push!!
Rosie Cabral
Just finished a 21 day challenge and loved it! The support everyone provides on the Facebook page is awesome and everyone has a great, positive attitude. Coach Jennifer checked in on me and provided a lot of great information! I am ready for the next 21 day challenge!!!
Kali Santiago-Esparza
Jennifer is truly an amazing coach!!! Through the challenge I lost 8 pounds and several inches throughout my whole body! She is not only such a sweet person but she is so motivating and constantly keeps up with you during the challenge! It taught me sooo much and I feel so blessed that my sister asked me to join this amazing challenge because she had done it with Jennifer before I did and loved it as well!! Thank you Jennifer!
Casandra Martinez
This is my 3rd challenge. I love the great food guides, exercise guides, and my coach Jennifer is terrific.Lost a total of 21 lbs and 11 inches.
Christy Fernandez
After, just 22 weeks, I have finally found the program that works great! I went from a size 20, to 14, a size 2X, to a M or L. But even more importantly, I have reduced & eliminated medication I was taking for anxiety & depression. I feel I am the healthiest, I have ever been!You can do the same, by joining me on 7/23!
Tammy Schreiner
Love the product and the program... it helped me lose 40 pounds... since I started almost a year ago I been exercising almost daily... have more energy and I feel great... 😊
Norma Alanis
Es muy bueno cambiar cuando deseas salud y mejorar tus habitos alimenticio yo creo en GETFIT21 Y CONTINUARE CON EL FAVOR DE DIOS.#DIOSESTAENELASUNTO.
Linnette Torres
GetFit21 is a super program. It teaches one to eat right and it works. It also emphasize the importance of exercise, how to do it and to find time around people's busy schedule.I went through the program 4X to understand the entire thing and to truly change my personal habits that affects my my goals. I've accomplished my goals and maintained it. The group is supportive. The best program.
Maria P. Amsden
I did my first Challenge on Feb. 5, & my second one on Mar. 5. I am currently on my first week, of my third Challenge. I love the entire program! I have curbed my carb cravings, I do not snack, I have more energy than I have had, in a long time. I love how it holds you accountable. I love the taste of the vanilla & chocolate complete, Balance Cholesterol, Matcha Energy, & LC Snap bars. The program has shown me great success, with a 28# loss, to date. I have been impressed so much, I am now a certified GetFit21 coach. I look forward to helping others, live a healthier lifestyle!Commitment Discipline Success
Tammy Schreiner
I am a physician in Pasadena,California , practicing Internal Medicine. I have been coaching/co- coaching over 100 challengers ,with ongoing programs every month . It is such a rewarding experience to see the amazing changes of my patients (many of them participants of my group) ,both body and brain.and also improvement of their medical problems; .I am so proud of their new adapted way of thinking regarding what they eat, how they eat, how they are active, and last but not least their attitudes and mindsets becoming more positive, motivated and happier . That's why I named it Longevity Club 21 !!! (-1.-2.-3,-4 etc)
Bm Swe
Loved it. My coach Trent Tueller is so compassionate and never judging, and very knowledgeable. He Messaged me when I was down and got me through it. I loved the accountability and I love the Vanilla Vegan Complete. I wish they made Chocolate Vegan Complete. Thank you so much for this program and your great coaches. Can’t wait to do the next challenge.
Patricia Nicosia
Getfit21 is an amazing program that is dedicated to helping you succeed. My coach was super supportive and encouraging. I have learned a lot about myself. I eat better, drink more water, exercise more, have more energy, confidence and a much higher self esteem. I lost some weight and gain more muscle. I am excited to continue my journey.
Shirlene Brewster
Awesome program!! Awesome coaches!! Great energy. I have learned so much!! Will continue to do my best to have these healthy habits I have created!!
Jamie Teerlink Jones
Best health program I have ever been on. I'm cautious about calling it a "diet" as it is a LOT more than that. It is all about changing your eating lifestyle at the core metabolic level. Losing the pounds is just one of the many benefits of this program. It works, plain and simple!
Wolf Albury
This plan is doable for anyone! First challenge exceeded all my expectations. I lost both pounds & inches and the interaction is great. You will make new friends here that share common interests and provide a unending supply of support.
Melanie Jewell
This program is amazing in the 21 day I was able to lose 4 lbs and 2incs. The shakes are amazing and satisfied my cravings with sweats and junk food. Can’t wait for the next group.
Denise Lang
Get fit 21 has been one of the best experiences in my life. I tried several different programs but this program has been more supportive and easier to follow with literature at your fingertips than any other system I tried. I started this roughly 5 weeks ago and lost more than 25 pounds not to mention I have the desire to exercise daily.
Tom Schettino
I’m Day 9 on my 2nd challenge and am feeling energized and have lost 10 pounds and overall 6+ inches in about 6 weeks. The program is very supportive and if I’m doing it, anyone can. I’m really an average person who works full time and exercises occasionally. Get Fit 21 has motivated me to be more mindful of my eating and with the Complete supplements I’m not hungry and I’m still eating foods I enjoy and can see myself continuing to enjoy to eat this way after the program. I’m exercising moderately at least 5 days a week but at my own pace and feel stronger and have more endurance.
Dicie Jangula
Getfit21 has been a huge game changer for me. This program really gives you all the tools you need to succeed. I have tried numerous diets throughout the years and while this program isn’t easy it has been the most attainable to continue long term. I love everything about it. The couches are great! The accountability in this program is the number one thing that has helped me succeed. I have learned so much about healthy eating and most importantly that I am capable of growth and improvement.
Margo Trousdale
THis is a great program! I saw The results of some transformation pics and I asked about it and I am glad I did! Wish I would’ve sooner! I was astonished at the results and the transformation of the way I look at food now. But the 21 days have definitely changed my life! I recommend it to everyone! It works and it truly does transform you in many ways!
Karol Schott
I love this group and community and program !! i have seen people change for the better!!! I love teaching people how to create their own healthy life style !!!!:)
Amber Flex
This program really worked for me. The accountability, support, meal and exercise plans kept me going.
Isabel Diaz
GetFit21 is an awesome program that will change your eating habits/lifestyle without you even realizing how far you have come. Complete (meal replacement) is just amazing- it actually holds you over till your next meal. I often find myself asking "is something this good, really healthy"? The answer is yes! My coach is awesome, she checks in daily with her team and gives us daily motivation. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!
Connie Lewis Ingram
This has been amazing and doable program that helped me lose nearly 40 pounds after pregnancy. The atmosphere within the groups are fun and motivational! The only thing I loved more than being a challenger is being a coach!
Chanel Douglas
Hands down...this well-crafted, educational, and totally DO-able program is a FUN, easy, HIGH return-on-investment strategy to introduce or advance physical activity, and cleaner eating into your life. It is THE BEST introductory program I have seen in my 28 years of practicing medicine. I am telling all of my patients about it! The only downside is that is qualifies to cost much more than it does. I guess that, too, makes it even more attractive!
DrNeal Secrist
An easy program which I am recommending to my patients to loose weight and gain fitness under the guidance of Coach Barbara Schuman. To check out the program go to getfit21 com. To get your questions answered or reserve you place in the next group…call or text:Barbara Schuman at 561-479-7286.
Umesh Patel
Kate Lewis
Isabella Murillo
Sho'aib Mohammad Lunat
Frank Cammalleri
Liss Hébert Sterling
Nicole A Meier-Cox
Antonio Villarreal
Holly Abramson Zendels
Elisabeth Larson
Sands Elaine
Sandeep Choure
Ellis A J Wright Jr.
Love this program! It's really fun being able to connect with other people who share a similar interest in improving their health and well being. Sometimes it's easy to simply say you're going to eat better and exercise daily, but with this program, you won't skip a day! The accountability really helps! I also loved hearing about others success with the program within the group I was in and being able to comment and cheer them on! Seriously a great program!
Monica Morton
Carmen Calvo
So I've never done any kind of "program" before and have always believed that when it comes to diet and exercise, moderation is the rule. But when I was introduced to the getfit21 day challenge by Emily Engermann, I thought why not give it a try and take myself to the next level of healthy living. Needless to say I was amazed how the 4-4-12 schedule of eating healthy and meal planning, knowing what foods are good, better and best and foods to avoid has helped me become so much more aware of my food intake. The result of it all is a healthier me as well as my husband, who has jumped on board too. We've been doing this program together!! He's down 25lbs and is still losing weight and I've dropped those last 5 unwanted pounds and we both have more energy and feel all around better which I think is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle .
Lesley Moore
This program worked so well for me even through I'm not 100% sure why! It wasn't a program I really thought I could do but have been floored by the results. I feel completely in control, have had fantastic results (both physically and emotionally) and had a great support system throughout!
Jen Bagby
I love the getfit21 day program. I have been needing something to kick quite a bit of extra weight and help me start feeling healthy again, and this is exactly what this program has done. Between my amazing coach Emily Engemann, the support of the group, I have been able to shed more weight than I had hoped for and have maintained a healthy lifestyle after. I feel great and have so much more energy than before. I am so grateful getfit21 has come into my life!!!
Dori Denos Child
As a healthcare provider I have learned about health and nutrition for several years. I was really nervous and apprehensive initially .... but after a few days I really started to realize how this program was not only very simple, but followed the basic rules of health and nutrition !!! Additionally this program is Perry because it is a program I can sustain long-term. I love the program and have become much more aware of my health, better eating and benefits of the 4-4-12 theory!! Thanks @emily & getfit21!!Jenn Karr DNP
Jennifer Davis Karr
Tiffany Judd Ericksen
Morgan Dany Robison
I'm very happy with the getfit21Program, I lost 7 lbs, more important is eating choices to continue
Lori Lockhart
Michelle Burr Cochran
This was so easy to follow and having a coach and FB group to encourage and help each other along the way is awesome!
Charleen Doman
This is s great program, it delivers excellent results. I like the emphasis in exercise and in healthy habits.
Rut Zumba Pinjosovsky Berrondo
The Getfit21program not only helped me to lose the weight and inches but it educated me on food, exercise and just the science behind it all. The support group was phenomenal and it truly made you feel a part of a community all in it together with similar goals and aspirations in life. My coach Emily is seriously the best cheerleader and motivator. It made all the difference in the world knowing someone believes in you. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a healthy start in life. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change. Something you can do for the rest of your life. 🖒
Siona Tejada
This program is amazing!! I was skeptical at first and almost didn't do it because of a pending knee surgery in the midst of the 21 day challenge. At the encouragement of my amazing coach Emily Akin Engemann I did it!! I am so excited that even with a knee surgery and minimal exercise I lost 7 pounds and a total of 7 inches!!! The shakes are great, so many options for meals, a reset meal once a week, and I am feeling amazing!! Looking forward to continuing with the next 21 Day Challenge with Emily!! Love the interaction and support from the private group with Emily! Yay to a healthy lifestyle!! I needed this accountability as this is how I did it!!Commit to it, you will not regret it!
Lynn Bailey Sheehan
Heidi King Sobisky
Love get fit 21 ! I will eat like this forever ! I've lost 25 pounds in 43 days and changed the way I look and think about food . Thank you get fit 21 !!!!
Karen Harvie Jensen
Lauren Burr Coombs
Where do I even begin to explain how much I love this program!? I LOVE the fact that you do getfit21 with a support group! Knowing you're never alone at any point in your journey is such a difference maker! The support and accountability you get from others in your group keeps you going. Plus, I have had the most positive and encouraging coach a girl could ever ask for! The program itself makes you feel so amazing both psychically and mentally! I wake up each day more proud of myself knowing I'm making healthier choices. Love it and definitely recommend!!
Jamie Mathews
By FAR the best program I've ever done. Lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks! I'll do this program forever! It's easy, gives you energy & so many choices to eat! Love this program & my amazing coach Emily!
Oakley Mitchell
GetFit21 has been such a great program for me. I have found my balance in eating right and exercise. The program reveals true habits you might not be aware of, helps with support, gives step by step for beginners to advanced levels. I have lost 4 pants sizes in following this program.. I highly recommend GetFit21 if your looking to take your goals to the next level. #lovingmegetfit21,#healthyhappygetfit21,
Joy Gordon
This is a wonderful program that delivers great results! It was pretty simple to follow which made it easy to stick with! Loved the group interaction and the support from my amazing coach!!
Suzanne Gioffre
I have really enjoyed the program.I loved experimenting with Create. Exercise was a little difficult due to my stroke. Everyone was very friendly and helpful wit their ideas. Our coach was amazing.Her desire to see us all succeed was so special to all of us. I hope to see myself continue to improve. Good luck to all.
Vicki Courneya
It was a great experience. Great information each day.
John Denman
Jowita Nazorek
LiZhu Gao
Amazing program the works when you apply all the lessons. Enjoy being a coach and seeing the impact that it has on challengers. Thanks team!!
Bill Johnston
GetFit21 is the most comprehensive combination of nutritional and exercise information with the aspect of coaching included. People are having great success using the Get Fit 21 method.
Paula Swengel
Maria P. Amsden
It's so easy to stick to your goals when you have a little Facebook community to cheer you on! Can't wait for my next challenge!
Katelyn Southon
Heather Fisher
I love this program! The accountability helped me push through and reach my health goals. I learned a ton about Nutrition, I feel better and have way more energy!
Eelco Scheltinga
This is the most comprehensive program I have seen. The curriculum is outstanding. As long as people follow the challenge steps consistently and stay accountable, they WILL be successful.
Rick Swengel
This program was awesome!�The group facilitator was inspirational!�The information was excellent!🎖The FB group was supportive!�Thank you!�
Dionne Paki-Aitken
Regina Rajah
This program is the most all encompassing I have ever seen. The value it brings to the participants with the 21 days of lessons, the information guides, coaching support, community and accountability cannot be found anywhere else on the market. I highly recommend everyone goes though this atleast once!
Doug Collins
This is a phenomenal program!! I loved the daily lessons via email and audio as well! I could listen to the lesson on my way to work. My favorite part was the accountability and support I received from my coach and the rest of the team!!! I highly recommend you get yourself set up with a coach.. in 21 days, you will be a different person!!
Jennifer L. Armendariz
The GetFit21 program taught me many significant things that I didn't know, even though I've been into health & fitness for a while! I lost 2 inches off this program and still continue to apply things I've learned from this program on a day to day basis.
Danny Mohan
Its the most amazing program I have ever participated in! Not only have I lost 9 lbs! I have learned how to eat correctly and get back into more physical activity with the support of an amazing coaching system. I have now shared this with my friends and am also coaching my own groups now helping others transom their health!
Monica Johanson Nouhan
This program is amazing! If you want to learn to eat right and get results, I highly recommend this program!
Lindsay Burr Clyde
This program is awesome! Thought me new ways on how to balance my health. Better eating, increased physical activities, and accountability. It is transforming. Lost weight, feel better, stronger, and it works!! Awesome program!
François Niles
Science based 21 day challenge that guides participants out of their comfort zone to reach their goals and see measurable results through sensible nutrition education and effective exercise routines. It's amazing how my lifestyle has changed through this program.
Kelley Shim
Get Fit 21 had given me the chance to reconnect with myself and my true values. I started one step at the time and more I was doing it, the more stronger and healthier I was becoming. The tips and tricks, the material shared by the coach were valuable tools to keep track of by objectives and finally have the results and success I was looking for. Special Thanks to Get Fit 21 for given me the chance and the help I needed to build a Healthy New Self again.
Roxanne Poliquin
I had never heard of a program that would allow me to do my fitness at home or the gym (my choice), enjoy Facebook (we are already here, right?), make new friends and learn all I needed to know about nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. That lead quickly to more energy, self confidence and provided the motivation and accountability I needed. The fact that we lose pounds and inches is a bonus. Whether you are in your 20s or your 70s, this really works! Commit to it today, you won't be sorry!
Judy Gilman
I absolutely loved going through the GetFit21 challenge. I was able to lose around 5 inches throughout my body that I didn't really think I had to lose in the first place. I have become so much stronger mentally and physically. And their protein replacement drink is delicious!
Adi Loomis
THIS IS such an AMAZING program !!! Education, Motivation, Team Spirit, Accountability, Dedication ...... everything necessary for success !!!
Coleen Andruss
Getfit21 is the best program I've seen! It has taught me when and what I should be feeding my body! It is realistic and completely doable long term! I have never felt better!! 🙌🏻👍🏻💪🏻
Emily Akin Engemann
I really enjoyed this program. It was easy to do and kept me accountable to my goals. I liked the interaction with the coach and other challengers. I got some new ideas for exercises to make it fun. I also needed help selecting healthy options for meals. The morning shake was the best because I oft miss breakfast because I sleep too late then shoot out the door and always missed breakfast. The shake was fast,filling, and I lost body fat!! I feel better through out the day, and have energy when I get home. I've lost weight, gained muscle and developed healthy habits.. Thanks coach!!!!
Joey Alcala
I really enjoyed this 21 day Challenge. I was encouraged to embrace a heather lifestyle by following a Scientifically proven fitness plan with an amazing team of individuals with common goals.
Trina Bare
This was such an amazing program! I've lost the rest of my baby weight while my husband (now almost done with his 3rd round) has lost close to 50 pounds! Such a fun and motivating environment!
Ashley Griffiths
I loved the getfit21 day challenege. I loved it enough to do it twice! I have lost a total of 15 pounds. I loved that I had a group of people that supported me and help me through the days I wanted to give up! The coaches are awesome!! :)
Britney Hafen
I have completely enjoyed working this program. Not only has it been fun for me and my team but it has changed our lives. I am so thankful for such a wonderful and easy program to work whether you are a coach or a challenger.
Stacy Gash
My diabetes has postively been impacted by the plan. My meds lowered or discontinued. Healthy way to feel better. Lost 40 + pounds so far.
Connie Allison Blankenship
Everything begins with the commitment of a Mentor, Todd Smith who shows by example all details and let me be part of a Beta Program. After that opportunity I lost 4 pounds, 2 inches of my waist and continue improving, also leading groups with a lot of good results like personal goals, group achievements and financial growth for me and my Coaches. Thanks for this program that improves a lot of opportunities in what I love to do, HELP PEOPLE TO MAKE THEIR LIFE BETTER
Emanoel Figueroa
This program has changed the way I eat, now I do think in what I'm putting in my body before I eat... Iso a conscious way to eat and a healthy relationship with food, it is not a diet!!! I don't deprive myself from ANY kind of food. I have learn soooo much about nutrition and exercise. It has change my life forever. I have never been so strong and feel so healthy before!!!
Georgia Porras
Alexander Rodriguez
Deb Marsh
I started my 21 day challenge a few weeks prior to running the Boston Marathon. I found great success using all the tips, meal plans and it help me stay on track with my training. Being involved with GetFit21 helped me run � my fastest Boston Marathon time in years. I love this program. I have also invited several of my children to participate and they have found great success too.
Rick Jordan
This has been a GREAT experience! Our challenge team had to have been the funnest!! Our coach made learning fun and we all got so involved! Out of the 14 challengers we had in my first group we lost over 65+ the 1st week!!! I was so impressed with the daily lessons, our coach and our team WE ROCKED IT! Three weeks went by so fast, I decided to do another challenge (back to back.) Now I am down - 8% body fat!! It was so much fun getting fit!!!
April Judd
My entire family has gone through the program. It began with me trying the program and losing 8 pounds and learning a ton of great information. I was so impressed I encouraged my family to go through the program. Here are their results: My 86 year old mom lost 6 pounds. My 87 year old dad lost 5 pounds and lost 2 inches from his waist. My 56 year old brother lost 10.2 pounds. My 65 year old sister lost 7 pounds. My sister in law lost 7 pounds. Both of my daughters (22 and 28) have gone through the program and had great results. Everyone has said they feel better and have continued to see improvements in their health and fitness since completing their challenge. There's not a day that goes by that I am not thinking about what I learned. I highly recommend it.
Todd Smith
This program is different than anything else I've seen. It actually teaches you how to eat right during 21 days that I will be able to do long term! Not a diet but a lifestyle! I love having a reset meal once a week and a coach and team that helped keep me accountable to following the nutrition guide and doing my exercises. The first 21 days I lost 4 lbs and 2" in my waist. I started another 21 days 2 weeks later and am down 5 more pounds, another inch in my waist and I'm only on day 11! Anybody can do this program... It meets YOU where YOU are with your fitness, nutrition and health!
Rick Gash
Finally! A program that focuses on the WHY behind nutrition and practical tools for long term health. Being a Mom of 5, I've been searching for something that I can maintain and not stress me out with a "rule book". From the non-restrictive exercises to the no guess work nutrition guide, Get Fit 21 is the standard for whole health!I lost 5lbs and 7 inches during my first challenge. Thank you!
Jen Gamble
This program has been such a wonderful experience for me. I have always been into health and fitness, but my coach at Get Fit 21 took it to another level. I couldn't be more thankful to have been able to go through a 21-day challenge. During my challenge, I lost 4 lbs and 4 inches. I am feeling great!
Danielle Cearbaugh

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