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How does our 21 Day Challenge work?

It starts with a click

You log on to Facebook and check in with your GetFit21 group. The first thing you see? A message from your coach. They’re explaining a key aspect of improving your diet and encouraging you to make a small change throughout your day.

As you scroll down you see that someone else in your group has posted a picture of themselves. They’re sweating and smiling – they just finished the workout video your coach posted the day before. There are comments beneath from your groupmates congratulating them on a job well done. You chime in with your own support.

Beneath that is a link to a document giving you more information on the topic your coach mentioned. You read through it to find a wealth of science-backed, easy to understand information. It’s full of tips and tricks you can start using right away.

Further down, you see an update another teammate has posted. She’s excited to share with you that she’s lost two pounds in the last week, has successfully gone 9 days without drinking soda, and hasn’t missed a workout yet. You can tell how excited, confident, energetic, and happy she seems because you feel the same way about your own transformation. You type out a quick comment to let her know how happy you are to see her succeed.

When you leave your computer a few minutes later, you’re armed with a plan for the day. You have new information, new motivation, and new encouragement from new friends. You’re ready to take on your day and keep making the types of small changes that lead to big results.

Because you have a certified coach to guide you, a group to encourage you, a collection of science-based materials to inform you, and a network of people to keep you accountable, you know that this time you’ll succeed in making changes that will transform your life.

That’s how our 21 Day Challenge works.
We bring people together, give them the resources they need, and add in a dash of fun.

  • Improved metabolic health
  • Better self esteem
  • A more attractive body
  • More energy
  • Improved mood
  • A sense of fulfillment
  • Greater knowledge of important health and fitness topics
  • New friendships
  • A sense of community with others whose goals are just like yours
Sound Good?

Then it’s time to get started

Join the challenge and see how we can help you to succeed.


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